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The Motherhood Wellness Clinic in WA

Motherhood can be an isolating experience. Despite attending numerous prenatal appointments, new mothers are often left to navigate postpartum and motherhood with minimal support. Care for the mother is often nonexistent, and the focus is only on the new baby. Questions about postpartum mental health, physical symptoms, attachment, pain, and worries can go unanswered, leaving mothers to turn to Google for answers. Mothers often don't go to their doctors for fear of only being offered medication or misguided help, which can lead to undiagnosed postpartum depression. Mothers with birth trauma are especially susceptible to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This is why maternal mental health and postpartum wellness are so important.

As a therapist who has worked with many moms and a mother of two, I have seen firsthand how little support there is for mothers. That's why I founded the Motherhood Wellness Clinic in Washington State, where mothers can access the resources and connections they need to experience wellness throughout their motherhood journey. 


At the Motherhood Wellness Clinic, we take a holistic approach to postpartum mental health and motherhood wellness. We recognize that modern motherhood is vastly different from what previous generations experienced and that traditional systems and care can sometimes contribute to the problem. We are here to support mothers in not just getting through the days but truly experiencing joy in parenting. With services including therapy, postpartum support, couples and parenting help, workshops, and mom groups, we are determined to provide the support needed for true motherhood wellness.


We offer a variety of services to ensure mothers are provided the support they need.

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